Equomed Hot or Cold Compression Boot with Gel packs

Any speed work or jumping can add stress to your horses Tendons.  ALL horses will benefit from the Equomed compression boots.

Item: 98010

Enhance athletic ability by reducing injuries, improve performance and speed up recovery time. The application of Cold is a simple, effective and cost saving technique for managing sport horses, by short recovery time, reducing secondary swelling, increasing blood flow, reducing muscle spasm while eliminating pain for your horse.

Tendon  boot sets include: A Pair of compression boot (inflatable), two Gel packs with high capacity hand pump and extra valves.

Highly effective in cooling tendons in a short space of time. Minus 15deg C from freezor, gel never freezes.

  • Post and Pre event
  • Improves Venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Swellings, Arthritis
  • Protolactic and Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Winning trainers choice


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