18oz Canvas Wool Lined Winter Rug

Excellent Ripstop Canvas Rugs

  • 18oz Canvas Weight 
  • Wool Lined excellent in colder climates, warm even if damp
  • Fluffy on Wither (standard)
  • $356.50 inc GST for sizes 4’6 and upwards, can also make smaller please enquire
  • Neck Piece (detachable) optional extra $92 inc Gst Standard size
  • Satin in Shoulders (optional extra $23 inc GST)

Our standard canvas colour is Green  but also available in Blue, Pink or Purple

Standard cover sizes are 4’3, 4’6, 4’9, 5’0 etc but we can do inbetween sizes as required as per pics below.

This cover was a  SPECIAL ORDER 

4’7 18oz Canvas Wool Lined Rug with Satin in Shoulders and Neck Piece